Marquette NROTC Alumni & Friends Assn

Marquette NROTC Alumni & Friends Association

Since its founding in 1940, Marquette University’s Naval ROTC has had a proud tradition of educating future Marine Corps and Navy officers.  Though MU NROTC graduates form the core of our membership, the Marquette NROTC Alumni and Friends Association (A&FA) fully embraces as members:

  • MU Alums who were commissioned via the MU NROTC program;

  • "Cross-town" graduates of UWM and MSOE who were commissioned via the MU NROTC program;

  • MU Alums who served in the Navy and Marine Corps via other officer accession programs;

  • Current and past Staff members of the MU NROTC Unit;

  • The many friends and family of the NROTC Unit who provide their steadfast support.

The Marquette NROTC Alumni & Friends Association is a nonprofit membership based organization focused on engaging alums and friends, promoting our charitable entity - the Seapower Library Association. By doing so we hope to help produce excellent future Navy and Marine officers.

Some History

Marquette was the twelfth university nationwide, and the first private Catholic college or university, to be authorized for a U.S. Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), on September 11, 1940. Its graduates have served in World War II, in peacetime and in every conflict since its founding. Once their active duty military days are over, graduates embrace civilian life and continue contributing to society. Their professions vary, but their dedication and leadership skills are apparent. Our alumni and friends organization is dedicated to continuing the bond between graduates by helping one another and our communities. The Alumni and Friends Association (A&FA) had its beginnings in 1987. A major impetus in its formation was the preparation to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the NROTC unit at Marquette University. Most of the active members in the nineties came from an area within about one hundred miles of the unit. With alumni spread across the nation and around the world, getting potential members involved in the association presented a major challenge, and communication methods were largely by "snail mail". Shortly into the new millennium the organization became inactive.

Social media, email, teleconferencing and the whole array of modern communications methods have enabled operating in a new way. The time was right for a new genesis which began in the fall of 2009. With today's tools, you do not have to be a local Milwaukee area resident to actively participate (in fact we have a Class Representative in England!). Today we seek new ways to serve our alumni—socially, professionally and personally. Come join us! We value our friends in this pursuit.

For much more history on our unit, click on HISTORY. 

Non-Profit Organization Details

The Alumni and Friends Association (A&FA) is legally registered as a nonprofit 501(c)(19) Veterans non-profit with the IRS (federal) and state (Wisconsin).  The purposes of A&FA include, but are not be limited to (a) engaging alumni(ae) and friends of the Marquette University NROTC Unit; (b) promoting the Seapower Leadership Association, Inc., a Wisconsin non-stock, not-for-profit and I.R.C. ยง 501(c)(3) qualified corporation, for the benefit of the Marquette University NROTC Unit; (c) providing a means for alumni(ae) to share in the life of the Marquette University NROTC Unit through cooperative efforts coordinated by the corporation in a mutually rewarding relationship; and (d) in cooperation with the Commanding Officer, Marquette University NROTC Unit and his or her staff, to be self-sustaining and self-perpetuating with regard to the corporation’s leadership role and function.

The Seapower Leadership Association (SLA) is a legally registered 501(c)(3) charitable, religious, educational and scientific nonprofit.  The purpose of SLA is to support the academic, physical, and moral development of NROTC Midshipmen at Marquette University and shall include, but not be limited to, providing leadership developmental opportunities such as conference attendance, physical fitness, and military competitions. The corporation also supports a multi-media research facility for its members, NROTC midshipmen, and students of Marquette University.  These facilities will be used for the professional education of future Naval officers, for independent research in the field of Naval Science by students and members, and as a clearinghouse for publications and instructional materials of related interest to Naval studies.

Contact Us:

Your Marquette NROTC Alumni and Friends Association (A&FA) can be reached in several ways.

Postal Mail:

Marquette NROTC Alumni & Friends Association, Inc. (A&FA)

c/o Marquette University NROTC Unit

1532 W. Clybourn Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233-2202


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Marquette NROTC Alumni & Friends Association (A&FA) is a 501(c)19 Veterans non-profit organization.

Mailing Address:  1532 W Clybourn Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233

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