Marquette NROTC Alumni & Friends Assn

A Timeline History of Our Unit 

Marquette University’s NROTC program was founded in 1940, and celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 1990. In honor of that occasion, Delbert Patrick Thomas Carey undertook the challenge of compiling a highly detailed and well-documented 170-page soft-cover book on the history of NROTC at Marquette.  A surviving copy was located in 2014. The title is: “Gentlemen of a Liberal Education.” Bill Hayes (Class of ‘62) has evolved that document into an easy to read Time Line History. Chapter 6 concludes the effort to timeline Mr. Carey’s work. Bill with the help of others has created a timeline version of the past 25 years. Chapter 7 is the first new chapter. We will look to the future as history unfolds.


This book is dedicated to those men and women of Marquette who have served their country by becoming officers through the Naval Reserve Officer Training Program, and especially those who gave their lives in defense of the nation.

Marquette NROTC Alumni & Friends Association (A&FA) is a 501(c)19 Veterans non-profit organization.

Mailing Address:  1532 W Clybourn Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233

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