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Presentation of the colors in the old Marquette gym--a sight past, present and future.


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Email Address Changed

We send out free email to all alumni announcing current items of interest. About six percent of our email addresses seem to “bounce” each year. Then, we cannot keep you informed.

If your email address has changed, please  send me the new address along with your first and last name to:


The University is replacing their summer event with a new “homecoming” weekend in  October. MU will be releasing full details very soon. For our group this means the unit open house and reunion events will also be held during that same weekend.

We need representatives from the ”7” classes to help coordinate their class events. For example the class of 1967 will be celebrating fifty years since graduation and commissioning. Of course, all alumni are welcome at the unit open house and our alumni gatherings including our all-alumni annual meeting of the Alumni and Friends Association.


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Alumni Notes Featuring Rick Lorenz’s “Civilian” Cruise Aboard USS Wasp

Rick became  a "Subject Matter Expert,"as part of the Naval Postgraduate School Regional Security Education Program (RSEP). He was to sail across the Atlantic with the MEU and the Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) on the USS Wasp LHD-1. The RSEP places university faculty on ships to give security briefings on countries in the region. He found out about this program ten days before the cruise started.

The Atlantic crossing is chronicled in his diary assembled from the emails he sent to friends during the voyage. One of the most touching events during the cruise was the burial at sea of a World War II veteran. The vet’s family provided the man’s first hand account of his wartime experiences. We have left Rick’s document unedited and attached a pdf copy of the WW II veteran’s story.


Pictures from the Spring 2017 Ball now available in a photo gallery on this  site. By clicking on any picture a slide show which is under your control begins. Click next  to go forward and back to go back. To return to the gallery click that icon. Happy viewing.


Nominations Now Open For 2017 Alumni of the Year

For 77 years, Marquette NROTC alumni have served our country, many with distinction. Each year we strive to recognize individual contributions with these awards.

This year, we particularly wish to encourage nominations for the young alumni of the year. By that we mean those in their first ten years following commissioning.

The panel of judges will carefully consider the different career paths and accomplishments. The deadline for nominations is August first.

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